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CMB Small & Medium Enterprise Banking
When it comes to success, having access to the right financial advice and solutions makes all the difference. Whether it's day-to-day banking, financing or investing we can assist your business in reaching the next level.   CMB offers solutions for all business types, be it a Micro, Small, Medium or Corporate Enterprise.
Call us at 522-3000 or visit your favorite CMB branch to inquire more about our Business Banking services.
  • Business bank accounts

    Everyday banking accounts, designed to offer the essentials to manage your money, including current, checking and savings accounts.

  • Tools to manage your money

    Our well known Bancomatico Card equipped with EMV chip will assure you are mobile, offering reliable and secure transactions globally. Mobility and flexibility are key, our business accounts offer business credit cards, Online Banking capabilities, a Mobile Banking Application and Telebanco (Telephone Banking).

  • Room to grow

    Overdraft facilities, lines of credit and business loans are but a few of our services which combined with speedy delivery and expert knowledge, will give your business the opportunity to grow.

  • More than just everyday business banking

    The Small and Medium Enterprise unit alongside readily available seasoned account managership offering concise recommendations, also offer the following services:


    - Merchant Electronic Payment Services (VISA/MasterCard/ Discover/Kompa Leon/AMEX)

    - Financial planning

    - Letters of Credit

    - Night Depository Services

  • No business too small or big

    For larger Corporations, CMB’s Commercial Credit Department provides the influential business with professional planning, advice and up-keeping. Moreover, CMB also offers the following services:


    - Commercial loans

    - Commercial Current Accounts

    - Commercial Mortgages

    - Export Development Fund

    - CMB Direct (Internet Banking for Business)

    - FX and international trade

  • CMB Social Community Bank Accounts

    Let us join you on your philanthropic journey in service. CMB offers tailored banking for the community service oriented organization.

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