About Soft Token

The Digital Certificates you have been using have proven to be a reliable and easy to use method for you to log into your online banking securely, however over the last few years the dependency that Digital Certificates have on Java and its update-cycle has become an increasing burden for you, our customer. As Java gets updated, Digital Certificates often stop functioning properly, causing you inconvenience.

As a result, we are happy to announce that we are moving away from Digital Certificates and will switch to Soft Tokens in the coming months. Soft Tokens are small, secure applications that generate the logon security codes needed to log onto CMBDirect Corporate.

We have chosen a world-wide leading provider for our Soft Token solution, which you can choose to install on your PCs, Macs and mobile devices.

Over the coming weeks we will ask you to download, install and activate your personal Soft Token. The first step is migrating your User ID from Digital Certificate to Soft Token. This will be done automatically when logging onto CMBDirect Corporate.

However, after the switch, which is planned in the upcoming months, you will need an activated Soft Token to be able to log onto CMBDirect Corporate. This is an important milestone in the migration project and we will make sure to announce this important date in a timely fashion.