Why is CMB making this switch?

For a number of years digital certificates have proven to be a reliable and easy to use method for you to log onto your online banking securely.

However, over the last few years the dependency that digital certificates have on Java and its update cycle has become an increasing burden for you, our customer.

As Java gets updated, digital certificates often stop functioning properly causing inconvenience and frustration.

Is there a difference in pricing compared to a Digital Certificate?

No, the current monthly and additional User ID’s Fees stay the same.

What is new, is the possibility of a second Soft Token on an existing User ID. We charge a one-time fee of Afl. 10.00 for additional or replacement Soft Tokens.

Is there a deadline to switch to Soft Token?

Yes, once we switch to Soft Token logon, which is planned for the upcoming three months, a user can no longer logon using the Digital Certificate.

I like my digital certificate, can I keep it?

After we switch to Soft Token authentication, the Digital Certificate can no longer be used to logon to CMBDirect Corporate. The old Digital Certificate based website will exist for a while, but logging onto that site is only used to register the user for Soft Token and redirects the customer to the new website which uses Soft Token to logon.

I have more than one Digital Certificate.Do I need to download and install more Soft Token apps?

You only need to download and install the Soft Token app once. On the SoftToken app you will need to activate the same number identified as the number of Digital Certificates you currently have.

I travel often. What is the best solution?

When traveling the best solution is to choose for a mobile Soft Token installed on any mobile Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry device.