How can we improve your experience with our Bank?

Register a claim if

You experience errors, phishing or delays with your payments or you do not understand our fees and charges.

  • Through the E-mail address:
  • By contacting the Contact Center:
    • Phone ( +297-522-3000)
    • Live chat (
    • WhatsApp text messages only​ (+297-593-6374.)
  • In person through the various branches at the information Service desk.

Ask for your claim number to make tracking and follow-up easier.

Register a compliment if:

You want to let us know when we are getting things right. Any compliment received is shared with the relevant Department.

If the compliment is about an individual staff member, they are then informed in writing by the Line Manager and a copy of the compliment and letter is stored in their Personnel File.

Compliments can help us share good practice and improve services.

Please use this button to submit your compliment:

Register a complaint if

  • You are not satisfied with your claim resolution or there is no timely follow-up.
  • The overall service you received is not as expected.
  • You have a highly sensitive issue that needs the attention of a senior staff member.

All complaints must be as thorough and clear as possible. Don’t forget to include your contact information so we can revert to you as soon as possible.

Please use this button to submit your complaint: