How can we improve your experience with our Bank?

Do you have feedback regarding our services?

Your satisfaction is important to us. Our customer feedback procedure gives you the opportunity to express any discontent and/or content about a product or service from CMB. We aim to find an appropriate and timely solution to your needs.

How to give feedback to our Bank

You can use the following channels to file provide us with your feedback:

  • Through our online form;
  • Through the E-mail address (;
  • By calling the Contact Center (+ 297-522-3000);
  • Any employee of the bank will refer you to our website to fill in a Complaint form;
  • In-person through the various branches at the ISO desk.

All complaints must be as thorough and clear as possible. Don’t forget to include your contact information so we can revert as soon as possible.

Our Complaint Procedure – What happens after you file a complaint?

  • You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your complaint.
  • We will look into your complaint and revert within two days with a timeframe for a solution.
  • Should the issue take longer to resolve than initially indicated, we will timely inform you of the delay in writing and provide you with a new timeframe.
  • As soon as the issue has been resolved you will be informed accordingly.

Not satisfied?

We will do all we can to solve your complaint.

However, if you are not entirely satisfied with the solution provided by our Bank you can request that we re-assess your complaint. This can be done using the channels to file a complaint as listed above.

Please note that our complaints procedure does not affect any rights you have under applicable law.

Still need more information

If you still have questions about our feedback procedure, please feel free to contact our Contact Center who will be happy to assist you through the E-mail address or by calling the Contact Center on +297-522-3000