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Recharge with the CMB Mobile App

Recharge with the CMB Mobile App

Use the CMB Mobile app on your smart phone to top up your calling credit or renew your data plan, at no extra charge. Make sure you have a working data connection, via WiFi or your current data plan.

NOTE: To use this function on the CMB Mobile app, you must first add the phone number you want to recharge (Digicel or Setar) to ‘My Local Payments’ list using online banking on a PC or tablet.

  1. Open the CMB Mobile app and log in
  2. Go to ‘Payments’ and select the phone you’d like to recharge from your list.
  3. Click ‘Pay Now’ and enter the recharge amount (min. Afl. 10.00) and the payment reference.
  4. Click the ‘Pay Now’ button. This is a new page.
  5. Check your payment on the confirmation page and click the ‘Submit’ button.
  6. Your phone will be recharged within 5 minutes.

The CMB Mobile app is available here: