BanCobra Payroll Card

Payroll Checks are now something of the past
Payroll Checks are now something of the past

Introducing the first bankcard to pay and collect payroll with more convenience, acceptance and security. Whether you are an employer or employee, asks us about the BanCobra Payroll Card.

Easier to collect you salary

This card is facilitated through your employer so your salary payment can be completed in a much more effective and efficient manner. By way of an electronic payment, whether this is bi-weekly or monthly, you will have access to your money using this card.

Withdraw cash 24/7

No longer will you have to wait in line to cash your check. With a network of automated teller machines (ATM) of more than 50 units all across Aruba, you can withdraw your money when it suits you and according to your schedule. Using your BanCobra card you take out cash as it is needed and without additional charges

Do you shopping

The BanCobra card also allows you to do your shopping or make payments at over 2,000 varying merchants such as supermarkets, mini-markets, restaurants, gas stations, ELMAR, WEB, SETAR, Digicel and many others.

Pay for free via CMB

Use of the card at shops or merchants that have a CMB payment terminal will be completely free. If you use a terminal of another bank this could incur an additional charge.

There are no administration fees

The BanCobra is a solution that is provided to you through your employer y that is why there are no additional monthly administration fees.

In the event that the card is lost

If you lose your card or that it is stolen, the bank must be notified immediately so we may block the card. To request the a new card you will have to do this through your employer.


What is left on the card is yours and if you are no longer employed by the company, you can collect this at the bank.