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Unveiling a collection tailored for every local and global spender. Dive into an array of cards that reward you for your lifestyle choices.

Embrace a world where every purchase is rewarded. The Florin Card Suite by CMB merges local spending with global benefits. Whether you're a local business owner, a budget-conscious spender, or a global traveler, there's a Florin Card just for you. Dive into tailored rewards and unparalleled financial flexibility. Welcome to your next essential card.

The Florin Card CashBack by CMB

The Florin Card CashBack by CMB
The Florin Card CashBack by CMB
  • Local Living, Global Rewarding: More than just a payment card, it gifts you added financial space and rewards your local spending habits.
  • Earn As You Spend: Enjoy more financial space in your local currency and get 1% cashback on your purchases with The Florin Card CashBack.
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