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On CMB's social media pages you will find information in the form of articles, pictures, videos and podcasts. We appreciate the feedback of all clients and citizens. We welcome all feedback, opinions or suggestions on this page. Although this is a forum open to everybody, the atmosphere on this forum should be pleasant, friendly and healthy. The following rules are in place to ensure that aforementioned atmosphere is duly observed.




  1. Please be so kind to use a friendly tone when giving comments at all times.
  2. It is not allowed to give any comments with offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist content or containing any kind of discrimination or that may be interpreted as such.
  3. It is not allowed to give any comments or feedback with abusive, violent, insulting content or defaming any person, private or public institution or organization.
  4. It is not allowed to post any message or give any other comment that could be considered dangerous under the law or that could jeopardize the safety of any person, private or public institution or organization. Such messages or comments will be removed and reported to the competent authorities.
  5. It is prohibited to solicit, promote or engage in propaganda for any private or public financial or commercial agency, governmental and non-governmental agencies, foundations, groups or committees of any nature.
  6. Likewise, you are not allowed to give comments that could defame or imply false accusations against any private or public agency, organization or institution.
  7. It is not allowed to give comments or to make suggestions encouraging violent, illegal or tendentious acts.
  8. Your feedback on this page and this forum is at your own risk, and you assume full responsibility for your actions by means of the information and/or comments given by you.
  9. For the protection of the clients, we request you not to discuss or mention any account information, and we ask you to maintain confidentiality and privacy at all times.
  10. Caribbean Mercantile Bank N.V. does not assume any responsibility for the content of third parties on this page.
  11. For the protection of the clients, matters relating to Customer Service will not be handled on this page, but you will be referred to the department in question in accordance with the principles of privacy and due care.


The relationship between Caribbean Mercantile Bank N.V. and its clients is governed by the “General Terms and Conditions of the Bank”.


Thank you for your help and support in keeping our page pleasant, friendly and healthy for our followers.





Na paginanan di medionan social o bo haya informacion den forma di articulo, potret, video y podcast. Nos ta aprecia participacion di tur cliente  ciudadano. Tur participacion, opinion of sugerencia ta bon bini ariba e pagina aki.


Mientras cu esaki ta un foro habri pa tur hende, e ta un foro cu tin di permanece den un ambiente familiar, amistoso y sano. E siguiente reglamento ta pa percura pa e ambiente anteriomente menciona wordo manteni debidamente.




  1. Por fabor sea amabel di tene bo comentarionan den un tono cordial na tur momento.
  2. No ta permiti ningun comentario cu contenido ofensivo, vulgar, racista, sexista of di cualkier tipo di discriminacion of cu por wordo interpreta como tal.
  3. No ta permiti ningun comentario of participacion cu contenido abusivo, violento, insultante of cu ta difama cualkier persona, institucion of organisacion priva of publico.
  4. No ta permiti ningun menasa of cualkier otro comentario cu por wordo considera pa ley como peligroso y cu por compromete seguridad di cualkier persona, institucion of organisacion priva of publico. Esaki lo wordo kita y raporta na autoridadnan competente.
  5. Ta prohibi pa solicita, promove of propaganda cualkier instancia financiero, comercial priva of publico, agencianan gubernamental y no-gubernamental, fundacionnan, gruponan of comisionnan di cualkier indole.
  6. Similarmente nos no ta permiti comentarionan cu por difama of lanta acusacion falso contra ningun instancia, organisacion of institucion priva of publico.
  7. No ta permiti ningun comentario of sugerencia cu ta encurasha actividadnan violento, ilegal of tendencioso.
  8. Bo participacion ariba e pagina y foro aki ta ariba risico propio, na unda bo ta asumi responsabilidad absoluto di bo accionnan pa medio di informacion y/of comentario cu bo ta duna.
  9. Pa proteccion di e propio cliente ta suplica pa no discuti of menciona informacion di cuenta y ta pidi pa na tur momento mantene confidencialidad y privacidad.
  10. Caribbean Mercantile Bank N.V. no ta asumi responsabilidad pa contenido di tercera persona ariba e pagina aki.
  11. Pa proteccion di e propio cliente, asuntonan cu ta relaciona cu servicio na cliente (Customer Service) no lo wordo atendí ariba e pagina aki, pero lo wordo referi na e departamento concerní segun normanan di privacidad y cautela.


E relacion entre Caribbean Mercantile Bank N.V. y su clientenan ta wordo determina pa e “Condicionnan General di Banco.”


Danki pa bo apoyo y sosten den mantene nos pagina na un lugar di famía, amistoso y sano pa nos siguidornan.