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Online Banking designed for larger businesses

Welcome to the latest in commercial Internet banking designed for larger businesses, available anytime, anywhere.

CMBDirect Corporate is more than just online banking; it is an extension of your accounting system. Increase efficiency in payments and billing, payroll management and bookkeeping.



Account Information

  • View balances of all your accounts held at our bank, updated throughout the day.
  • Retrieve account statements at the start of each business day.
  • Access your transaction history up to 13 months back and download a report in an industry standard format.

Account Transfers

  • Transfer funds between your own accounts.

Third Party Payments

  • Make local payments in single transactions or batch transactions to any CMB account, other local bank accounts.
  • Make international payments using the SWIFT codes provided by CMBDirect Corporate.

File Transmissions

Upload files generated in other software applications, such as payrolls and accounts payable, for processing and payment to beneficiaries with CMB accounts, other local banks.

General Information

What is CMBDirect Corporate?
What is required to start using CMBDirect Corporate?
What services does CMBDirect Corporate offer?

Account Information

Which accounts can be viewed on CMBDirect Corporate?
What needs to be done to view additional accounts on CMBDirect Corporate?
How far back is it possible to view transactions in CMBDirect Corporate?
Can statements be viewed in CMBDirect Corporate?
When do today’s transactions appear in CMBDirect Corporate?

Account Transfer

What is an account transfer and how does it work?
Can I transfer US Dollars and euros?


How does payments work?
What is send file (file upload)?
I made a payment, but the balance of my account did not change. Why?
When does the beneficiary receive my payment?
How do I pay a beneficiary on another island?
How can a beneficiary in the USA or Europe and the rest of the world be paid?
Do I get a confirmation that a payment has been made?
Can a local bill be paid from a US Dollar or euro account?


What are the transaction limits?


How do I sign on in CMBDirect Corporate?
How is access to CMBDirect Corporate managed?
Does CMBDirect Corporate account for segregation of duties?


What does it cost to use CMBDirect Corporate?
Where is help available?
Support Services Personal

Need more information?

If you need more information on how our system works, the professionals of our Business e-Banking Support department will gladly provide this over the phone or give you a more elaborate presentation in person.

Send an email to [email protected] or contact us at (+297) 522-3000.

If you are already convinced, click the Apply Now button to sign up for CMBDirect Corporate.

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