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Our most popular and widely used service is the Personal Current Account.

Receive your salary or other income quickly and safely and manage your day-to-day expenditures easily from your versatile Current Account, with multiple online, offline and mobile functions.


Easy Application, Reliable Banking

We work diligently to protect you and your money. We make sure to always comply with local regulations and maintain our own ‘know-your-customer’ rules. To open a Current Account, we only ask you for these two simple things to protect your interests:

  • Two reliable (personal, employer or bank) references
  • Specification of what the account will be used for

Security and Privacy

Maduro & Curiel's Bank and all its subsidiaries comply strictly with local legislation in all the jurisdictions in which they operate, requiring that all unusual and/or suspect transactions be reported to the appropriate 'MOT Agency' and that proper identification is provided prior to extending financial services. This might seem intrusive to your privacy, but keep in mind that you ultimately benefit from these precautions to ensure that your bank will not be abused by money-launderers and others who want to use the banking system for criminal purposes. Please know that your information is always treated with the utmost integrity and care for your privacy.

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