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Update your account

Update your Account

We are in the process of reviewing and updating our files with all the documentation required, to comply with applicable regulatory requirements and our bank policies.

This process is very important, as client files will be updated and made compliant with applicable Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering standards.

We require your assistance in completing or updating your account documentation in order for us to better understand your business so that we can serve and meet your needs.

Therefore our regulatory requirements dictate that we maintain the most recent record and data of your business and your personal information.

Our bank employees will be contacting you in case we need any up-to-date documentation from you.

During this process we will continue to adhere to relevant privacy laws and ensure that your information is safeguarded.

Aktualisá bo Kuenta

Nos ta den e proseso di revisá i aktualisá nos failnan ku tur dokumentashon rekerí, pa por kumpli ku lei i reglanan di banko.

E proseso aki ta sumamente importante, ya ku nos ta aktualisá kuenta di nos klientenan pa kumpli ku reglanan di Konosé Bo Kliente i Kontra Labamentu di Plaka.

Nos ta rekerí bo asistensia pa kompletá i aktualisá informashon di bo kuenta i pa nos por komprondé bo negoshi mihó pa por sirbibo.

Pa e motibu ei, lei ta stipulá pa nos mantené informashon mas resién posibel di bo negoshi i bo informashon personal.

Por fabor tene kuenta ku bo por risibí un karta i/òf yamada di koleganan di nos Banko pa dokumentonan ku falta òf ku mester wòrdu aktualisá.

Durante e proseso aki, nos lo sigui mantené e leinan di privasidat relevante i sigurá ku bo informashon ta seif.

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