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Discover Sentoo

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Discover Sentoo, the easy way to make a payment.

Discover Sentoo - the new online payment solution for consumers. With Sentoo, you can make a seamless and secure payment like never before. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual payment entries, as payment details are automatically filled in.

Whether you're making a one-time purchase on a website or paying a monthly bill, Sentoo makes it easy. Simply select the Sentoo payment option, login to your Mobile Banking app or Online Banking website, review and approve the payment, and you're done!

Try it now and experience the convenience, speed, and peace of mind that Sentoo brings to your online transactions.

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What are the benefits of Sentoo for you as client?

The Sentoo payment solution is free of charge and offers secure and real-time payments in local currency, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free experience for you.

There is no need for you to manually enter payment details as payment details are automatically filled in. Look for the Sentoo logo at the checkout point, QR code or payment link. Just click, pay, done!

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How does a Sentoo Payment work?

Sentoo redirects you to the CMB Mobile Banking app or Online Banking website, where the payment details are pre-filled automatically. You simply need to approve the payment using the normal approval process.

The payment is processed instantly. Sentoo also provides real-time confirmations to both the you and the merchant, enabling further processing of the purchase.

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What are the requirements to pay with Sentoo?

As an CMB client with a Mobile Banking or Online Banking account you can make payments with Sentoo. Just look for the Sentoo logo at the checkout point, QR code or payment link on your merchant's invoice or webshop.

Find out more about participating companies on the Sentoo website.

Learn more on Sentoo website

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"I paid one of my bills with Sentoo, just to try. Now I'm always looking for the Sentoo payment button, QR code or payment link. I really like that I don't need to fill in any payment information, such as amount and payment details. This avoids any mistakes in the payment. Just click the Sentoo option, login to my Mobile Banking app, approve, done!"

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