Compressed card security

Card Security (Internet Fraud Protection)

Compressed mcb card security

It’s no longer necessary to register your Visa, MasterCard or any other prepaid card anymore!

To increase and make online shopping more pleasant, Maduro & Curiel’s Bank launched new and enhanced security features. With these features all MCB Credit cards and prepaid cards are protected against fraudulent use on the internet.

Our credit cards are now extra secured around the world at other merchants that have also implemented these same security features.

Our new security features are completely free of charge and there is no need any more to register your credit card and/or prepaid cards when performing an online transaction. Now you can complete your online transactions without any unexpected challenge, forced registration and or forgotten password.

Based on a predictive model, your transaction will be approved and /or declined.

In case you receive any decline message during your online shopping, please contact us right away. Now you can also contact us anytime at 466 0600 where we are able to assist you further and to make sure you can complete your online shopping

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