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Scotia Portfolios

With the Scotia Portfolios, your investment plan stays tailored to you, no matter what the markets do over time.

Five Unique Portfolios:

Each of our mutual fund portfolio is designed for a unique investor profile, from the more conservative Scotia Conservative Portfolio to the most aggressive Scotia Growth Portfolio. Use our Investment Selector, to help pinpoint the portfolio that suits you best.

Five Unique Portfolios:

Scotia Conservative Portfolio
Scotia Conservative Balanced Portfolio
Scotia Balanced Portfolio
Scotia Balanced Growth Portfolio
Scotia Growth Portfolio
Scotia Conservative Portfolio

Investment Objective: To earn a modest income while protecting your principal. The value of this portfolio will fluctuate modestly from time to time.

Asset Allocation at your Fingertips:
Asset allocation is key to any well-diversified portfolio. The performance of asset classes, including cash equivalents, fixed income and equities, can vary year over year. Spreading your assets across multiple asset classes ensures that you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

Automatic Quarterly Rebalancing:
Every calendar quarter the Scotia Portfolio reviews your investments to ensure that weightings of the underlying Scotia Mutual Funds do not deviate from their prescribed weightings. In the event of a deviation of 3.0% or greater in either direction, the portfolio is rebalanced back to those original weightings.

Sample Portfolio Breakdown

Prescribed WeighingQuarter 1Change from Optimal Mix
Mutual Fund A40%36.34%3.66%
Mutual Fund B15%13.82%1.18%
Mutual Fund C15%16.87%1.87%
Mutual Fund D15%15.52%0.52%
Mutual Fund E15%17.45%2.45%

In this example, mutual fund A has drifted more than 3.0% due to market movements. Although the other four funds have not drifted more than 3.0% mutual fund A triggers a rebalance to reset each fund’s weighting to the originally prescribed weighting.

As you take advantage of high-performance markets, automatic rebalancing ensures you lock in those gains and redistribute your investment dollars to the optimal allocation in the portfolio. This can help reduce the amount of volatility in your portfolio, with the potential for more stable returns over time.

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